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Mammor mot Gardasil

02 september 2009

Tycker alla som funderar på att börja med Gardasil ska kika här innan:

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  1. David permalink*
    18 oktober 2009 11:56

    I will!

  2. mnh permalink
    19 oktober 2009 12:45

    Good choice.

    Did you know that the OKed was given to give Gardasil to boys last Friday? Now it’s time for the grabbar to join the fight.

  3. 03 november 2009 18:17

    Tack för att du hjälper till att sprida informationen!

    Ha en skön höst.

  4. David permalink*
    11 november 2009 20:42

    Detsamma! Självklart vill jag skydda våra barn från detta gift. Skön höst på er med/David

  5. Michael Donovan permalink
    28 november 2009 19:18

    A friend of yours, Michael Hopkins, gave me your name. Said you made movies in Sweden.
    There was a very inexpensive movie made in the US. The movie was about a play, so movie about the actors and suddenly you were in the play in your mind even though actors dressed in blue jeans. I thought of this here but don’t have the experience.
    Also play is politically frightening here. (The USA is getting VERY strange!)

    My parents passed information to the Soviet Union in 54. But it was at a high level. Very few realize, even though very logical, that we have secret agreements not to use atomic bombs. We would make them, take the money, but secretly agree not to use them.

    The play is about a near breaking of that deal in the spring of 54. There are only three characters. If one simply put the play on and made a movie of director and such discussing then it would make an inexpensive movie in the vein of Vanya on 42 Street.
    If you want to look at my play then please send me an email with ‘Play’ as subject.
    My email is
    If email from Sweden does not work then Michael Hopkins email is:

    Thank you,
    Michael Donovan, Maine, USA


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