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Dont believe the winds of change

30 december 2008


The illusionist

Why should we believe this guy? Well, take a good look on the people behind him. Then you see a pattern form in front of your eyes.

The pattern is all the same, but with a new strategy. Obama is a smoother talker than Bush, and he has brown skin, but he ain’t Martin L King only because of that fact.

So if you wanna see change, you are gonna be disappointed. Hillary a part of the so called ”change-movement”? I think its one of the biggest fraud in the world.

I am telling you right now, educate yourself before you drink the cool aid. Because this ”Obama-guy” ain’t gonna help you when the bankers hire national guards to collect the debt of your credit cards, and police storms in to your house because you download songs from the internet. You see, people that have all the money in the world, seeks new adventures. Some like flying in their balloons, others like going around on their yachts. Some like planes crashing into buildings, and before that speculate on NASDAQ. Oh yeah the crisis in economy, is preplanned, and you pay for it.

Some of these people rule this world, and they wanna suck you dry!

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